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Vidcon: the largest online video event in the world



Vidcon: the largest online video event in the world

Vidcon is the largest online video event in the world, this year for the first time was held in London from 14 to 17 February. Some of the world most popular “vlogger” were present, also present at the event were some of the largest companies in the area and especially many fans.

Vidcon was originally created in 2010 by Hank brothers and John Green as a “Vloggers” meeting in Southern California, and quickly the event became a reference in the online video. Jim Louderback (CEO of Vidcon) and his team expanded the event beyond the US border to Amsterdam and Melbourne in 2017 and 2018.

As part of this expansion strategy, according to Louderback, bringing this event to London makes perfect sense because there is a strong community passionate about online vídeo, and London easily attracts participants from across europe, and is an excellent opportunity to bring together creators, professionals and fans.

Novidade Instagram Keynote (Vidicon)

Resumo Vidicon – dia 1

Momentos Vidicon dia 1

Vidcon London was divided in three tracks, the Community Track dedicated to entertainment, fun and interaction, the Creator Track which includes workshops and questions and answers sessions with successful “Vloggers “, that gave creators a unique opportunity to learn . And finally the Industry Track dedicated to companies and brands looking to build their business in online vídeo maket.

The Industry Track was held on 14 and 15 February, exclusively dedicated to professionals in the area, where solutions, strategies and tools were presented to them to help achieve success.

It was possible to attend sessions with Ashley Yuki (Product Manager – Instagram) who spoke about the future of video content on IGTV, stories and instagram in general. Also Anna Rafferty (Global Director, Digital Marketing – BBC Studios) shared her experience, and emphasized the need to analyze and use data and trends to create the right content to reach more audiences.

Momentos Vidcon dia 2
Live com Frederico Carvalho – dia 2
Balanço dia 2

Social concerns were also presente at the event, and Emma Ross (influencer) explained how a brand can use video on social networks to create a positive impact on society.

The commercial perspective was also debated, and a good example is the session given by Gavin Bell (founder of Blue Cliff Media), one of the UK’s top facebook experts, who explained how to build and grow a business, and how to generate profit using facebook advertising.

The “Creator Track” was held on 15, 16 and 17, where in addition to numerous activities, participants were able to attend workshops where precious tips were given to those who want to produce more and better content, and to grow the audience and interaction. It was also a unique networking opportunity.

Among the various workshops we can mention Cassius Rayner (Smartphone Filmmaker – MetFilm School), he showed how to make quality videos using iphone. He gave tips on best practices, equipment and edit software, everything a video creator needs to know to produce professional-quality vídeos with affordable equipment.

Also in the creators track was Matt Gielen (President – Little Monster Media Co.) who brought a perspective on how to analyze fans interaction data and metrics to improve the channel performance.

One of the most appreciated workshops by the creators was the session given by Maxin Jago (Director – Maxim ltd), who gave a “MasterClass” on how to use Adobe tools to create videos with transitions, effects and color filters, easily but with professional quality

Vidicon dia 3

Vidicon dia 3

Instagram was also represented in this track by Jon Youshaei who talked about how to use IGTV to create audience’s.

Goubtube one of the world most prominent creators, who in only two years has more than two billion views in social networks, spoke of his experience and the need he felt to readapt, and also explained his creative process and how he try to create viral videos by creating videos that his audience can relate to.

And finally Community Track from 15 to 17, began with an opening show hosted by Dean Dobbs and Jack Howard (comedians Jack & Dean), and had the presence of youtube stars such as Merrell Twins, Gabbie Hanna, Patrick Star, Rhett & Link and others. After this opening show the evening ended with Rhett & Link concert.

In this track there were also some interesting sessions on various topics such as online bullying, or how to balance online and offline life, and the consequences of sharing online personal life.

Vidicon dia 4
Vidicon dia 4

At vidcon it was also possible for fans to have a brief meeting with their favorite youtube stars.

But the main attraction for most fans was the Expo Hall  where brands like Adobe, GoPro, Logitech, MTV showed their latest news or simply gave fans the opportunity for a fun brand-related experience. Nostalgic fans could as well play “vintage” video games, or buy merchandising from their favorite vlogger.

YouTube, Facebook and Instagram also had restricted access lounge’s, reserved only for the main creators present at the event and for some media members, where, in addition to the networking opportunity, the creators received first-hand news  about tools that are being prepared and will be briefly launched specifically for them.

During this event was announced by Patrick Walker who is the director of Facebook’s Media Partnerships, that this platform will expand the monetization tools for the creators, and also expand the test of page subscriptions to four more countries in Europe.

About thirteen thousand fans were in vidcon, and had the opportunity to participate in sessions, meetings and workshop with leading experts of platforms such as Facebook, instagram, MTV, Youtube, just to mention a fews.

Vidcon returns next July, but this time in its original home in California where once again will be present the world’s leading vloggers, leading brands and online vídeo fans.


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